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Thursday, December 02, 2021

Tom Watson

TWforRecExWith a background in professional sports, a degree in Leisure Services, a master's degree in Human Leisure Development, and diplomas in Fitness, Nutrition and Marketing, along with nearly 30 years of upper-level management experience, Tom Watson is a respected leader in the recreation industry. As founder of Recreation Excellence, Tom has a proven track record of successfully managing municipal facilities throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

A certified Elite Life Coach, Customer Service Trainer, creative consultant, and positive team organizer, Tom is also a noted motivational speaker and author of the book Man Shoes. In addition to his work with Recreation Excellence, Tom heads up Your Better Life, a company committed to empowering people to achieve balanced success, both at home and at work




email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kathy Watson has been involved in sport, leisure and health and wellness initiatives for most of her life. She grew up in Penticton, where she was an award-winning competitive swimmer, and after high school moved to Vancouver where she received a Bachelor of Education degree and a diploma in Special Education from the University of British Columbia. Kathy has enjoyed a 26-year career as a full-time and part-time educator, and uses her teaching background to assist Recreation Excellence in the development of programs that include key educational purposes. She works within our program delivery as an educational consultant for our programming staff, many of whom are young people who have great abilities. Their success is enhanced as Kathy educates them in program curriculum, goal setting and learning strategies. Few, if any companies have a professional mentor working with their staff on the aspects of “how to teach and inspire learning.” Kathy’s role in this area helps Recreation Excellence program staff (young and old) understand the core components of learning which helps our team successfully provide a level of programming and educational opportunities within structure programs such as Learn to Swim and Learn to Skate that is rare.

Kathy also works along side Tom in Your Better Life and plays a key role in assisting our Recreation Excellence staff live their best lives. Life is tricky at times and Kathy’s efforts in helping provide Your Better Life consulting to the Recreation Excellence staff unit is really a key to the overall morale and success of the staff within the company.
Over the past 15 years Kathy has achieved her NLS Certification as a Life Guard, she has also achieved her WSI Certification as a Lesson Instructor, she has continued to pursue education in the area of Food and Nutrition (a passion of hers) and she has achieved other certifications in courses such as Food Safe and Customer Service.

• NLS - National Lifeguard Society Certified
• Water Safety Certified
• Customer Service Excellence Certified
• Food & Nutrition Certified
• Food Safe Certified
• Bachelor of Education, UBC

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