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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Aquatic Specialist (Part Time and Full Time)


Canadian Recreation Excellence Corporation is proud to have been selected by the City of Chilliwack to operate the City’s Recreation Centre’s (Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre, Cheam Leisure Centre and Rotary Outdoor Pool) beginning in October 2015. We are in search of honest, hard-working, enthusiastic staff who are “Serious about Fun!”

Canadian Recreation Excellence (Chilliwack) Corporation

Job Description


Position: Aquatic Specialist (Part Time and Full Time) 

Created: September 22, 2015

Last Updated: June 9, 2016


Job Description Overview

Reporting to the Facility Manager and/or a Senior Manager (or designate) you will be working in cooperation with the other Aquatic Specialists to ensure that our Aquatic Staff are providing a safe, enjoyable and FUN swimming experience for our patrons while at our facilities.

The Aquatic Specialist will ensure that the programs and services that we are providing are of a high quality standard and that our Lifeguards and Swim Instructors are adequately orientated and trained at or above our standard. The Aquatic Specialist is expected to carry out both administrative and on deck duties as required, including but not limited to: programming, scheduling, planning training, hiring and orientation of new staff and program modification and improvements. Work requires the use of initiative and good judgment and is performed under general supervision where considerable independence is allowed.

The Aquatic Specialist will be a leader and mentor of the Maintenance, Customer Service, Health & Wellness, Fitness and Recreation Program Team.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Your duties and responsibilities could include, but not limited to:

  • The ability to model appropriate behaviours as outlined in Companies 7 Unifying Principles – Unconditional Respect, Unconditional Trustworthiness, Team Work, Open, Forthright Communication, Perpetual Growth, Reverence for the Client & Company and Humour & Goodwill.
  • Have an excellent Sense of Humour to ensure that your department and work place is exciting and fun!
  • Be able to react to and work together with all departmental staff during medical emergencies and facility evacuations. Working as a cohesive team will ensure that everyone coordinates their responsibilities and ensures that the proper steps are completed in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring that our clients and staffs’ Safety is a priority. This is accomplished through Facility Analysis and a Risk Assessment as well as Prevention and proper Education and Training.
  • Coordinate and manage the delivery of high quality aquatic programs and services for our clients by following the standards and guidelines provided by Recreation Excellence and as recommended by our governing bodies.
    • Aquatic Programs and Services that you could be responsible for overseeing/developing could include – Swimming Lessons, Private Swim Lessons, Advance Leadership Courses, Birthday Parties, Youth Programs (i.e. Rec Ex Xtreme Youth Night) and Special Events that take place in the pool.
    • Lifeguard and Swim Instructors are required to read, understand and follow the Rec Ex Pool Safety Plan
    • Ensure aquatic staff are enforcing pool rules and regulations for the safety and convenience of the public
    • Ensure that all work performed is in accordance with safety standards set forth in WorkSafeBC Occupational Health & Safety manual and that pursuant to regulations are adhered to including the use of PPE.
  • Perform and monitor routine pool cleaning, maintenance and janitorial tasks, as needed.
    • Work with the aquatic staff to ensure that the filter room is operating efficiently and effectively. Overseeing this area is major component of the position.
    • Accurately maintain pertinent records with respect to daily headcounts, accidents/incidents, pool chemistry and equipment inspections.
  • Provide excellent customer service for our clients.
  • Act in a professional manner and be well-groomed in appearance 
    • Maintain dress code and attire provided by Recreation Excellence at all times
    • Maintain proper hygiene and a professional look at all times
  • Demonstrate the ability to resolve conflict effectively with both staff and guests.
  • Manages all of the Aquatic staff and provides recommendations to the Senior Management Team, or designate, regarding the hiring/further training, staff evaluations and department specific issues or concerns.
    • Review and maintain work schedules for all of the aquatic facility staff, as posted by the Manager of Recreation Program Services or designate
    • Prepare reports on the aquatic facility and programs as requested
  • Working with the other department managers to ensure that departmental programming that crosses over into Aquatics is maintained and accurate (Fitness, Youth Services and Maintenance).
  • Maintain the inventory of supplies and equipment necessary for the delivery of all aquatic programs
  • Assist with the coordination and delivery of the aquatic staff orientation and training and seasonal inservice training schedule. Ensure that regular opportunities are provided to assist staff in maintaining relevant skills and current certifications.

Note: The duties listed are not set forth for the purpose of limiting the assignment of work and are not to be construed as a complete list of the duties normally to be performed under a job title or those duties temporarily performed outside the normal line of work.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Principles, practices and application of lifesaving, lifeguarding and first aid techniques
  • Lifesaving, First Aid and Lifeguarding teaching/learning principles
  • Principles of offering Swim Instruction Program in a fun and engaging manner
  • Operation of an aquatic facility, including sanitation, maintenance, safety, and public relations
  • Rules and regulations pertaining to pool use
  • Customer service standards and procedures
  • Troubleshooting through the use of good judgment
  • Working knowledge of CLASS program software

Ability to:

  • Ability to lead a team efficiently and effectively keeping in mind both the Facilities needs and the Companies.
  • Teach, Train, Coach, Lead and Mentor staff
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a fast paced environment
  • React quickly, calmly and effectively in emergency situations
  • Apply approved lifeguarding and lifesaving techniques
  • Recognize hazardous situations and adopt effective course(s) of action
  • Keep staff and clients privileged information confidential
  • Perform a broad range of supervisory responsibilities over others
  • Work independently within the established policies and procedures of the department
  • Communicate orally in the English language in a one-on-one or group setting to deliver a wide variety of aquatic programs and skill in lifeguarding, lifesaving and instructional techniques
  • Produce written documents in the English language using proper sentence construction, punctuation and grammar
  • Work cooperatively and harmoniously with the Aquatic Specialist Team as well as the Aquatic staff to plan, organize, schedule, promote and deliver aquatic programs and services designed to meet the interests and needs of our clients and community
  • Ask for help, clarification or direction from a more experienced Lifeguard/Swim Instructor or a Manager if deemed appropriate

Required Education, Qualifications, Licenses and Certificates (valid and current)

  • Aquatic Emergency Care OR Standard First Aid, including CPR C/AED (Lifesaving Society or Red Cross)
  • Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard Pool Option and/or National Lifeguard Waterpark
  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor
  • Lifesaving Instructor
  • Pool Op Level 1 & 2 (BCRPA or RFABC)
  • Completion of Grade 12 education and Post-Secondary Education Diploma/Degree in Recreation or relevant field or a combination of education and relevant experience
  • A minimum of five years of experience in aquatics
  • A valid Class 5 Driver’s License. Provide the Company with a copy of the appropriate business auto-insurance ($5-million liability insurance) certificate annually (company will pay for the additional fee)
  • Two of the following courses/certifications is required, more would be an asset:
    • Lifesaving Instructor Trainer
    • First Aid Instructor
    • First Aid Instructor Trainer
    • NL Instructor and Recert Conductor
    • Water Safety Instructor Trainer

Wage Range: $17.00-$20.00 per hour. Full Time positions includes benefits.

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